Friday, May 22, 2009

World Record!!!

As I write this, I am getting ready for school. I am not allowed on the computer in the mornings but I got up early and went on and my mom doesn't really care.

Neat, huh?


Ok, yeaterday I found out that one of my classmates is moving to Indiana. (Did I spell that right?? lol)

She is moving to a different school and went there this week to visit it.

And I have to say it suprised me.

She had lots of friends here.

I can't say she wasn't my friend....

...but I can't say she was either.

Its like one of those things were you say to yourself..

I wish I could have gotten to know her.

Cause I found out in a split second.

She was here....... she's gone....


Oh well...

friends come...

friends go....


(P.S) Jillain I SWEAR if you leave a comment saying that I "like" this girl YOU DONT WANNA KNOW WHAT I WILL DO!!!

Lol, jk

Friday, May 15, 2009

My twitter link

Heres the link to my twitter:

Ok thats it!!



Have you ever been addicted to something?

Like blogs?



Well I am addicted to Twitter.


I was sitting in school biting my pencil saying to myself "I need to tweet, I need to tweet,I need to tweet,"
Someone needs to hold a Twitter-vention for me!
I twetted 7 times in under a minute.
That's a tweet every 8.5714285714285714285714285714286 seconds!!!
Ugh, I need a life....
Btw, do you like my page-redesign?
Another thing..
I have been reading some of your guyses(lol) posts, and they are just awesome.
Ok, well gonna go tweet!!(cry cry cry!!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



I have been browsing through YouTube almost everyday now

Lots of people are on Twitter


And today I thought to myself,

I am missing out on a lot,


Why not?

So I am going to get a Twitter

Probably today

So if you are reading this and you have a Twitter please follow me.

If you have a youtube SUBSCRIBE to me.

Thanks everyone!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm back!!

Hello fellow bloggers!!!

I am back!

I apolgize for not posting new blogs or reading all of yours.
But latley I have been knida busy.

I am offically a Youtuber!

I currently have 9 videos on Youtube. One of them has over 200 views in 1 month.

Pretty good huh?

I am sending this out to all the blogging world.

If you have a youtue account, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!

I will accept all friend invites and replyto all letters sent.

Just don't leave dumb comments.

Leave a comment on mt profile saying you follow my blog and i will add you.




Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few things


Ok, I am really happy as of now because of a few things;

1. I got a YouTube!!! I don't hate it at ALL anymore. I got a new account and posted some vids on it (the one that could be removed for plagirsim) and it hasn't!!! Check it out!!! If u have one subscribe!!!

2. I told my classmates about them and they LOVE THEM!!!

btw, sorry i have not been checking out some of your blogs in a while, i have been really busy.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Two things I love

Most of you might not know this but I LOVE music.

I find it a way to express myself, plus it is very fun.

I also love to build with legos.

I love creating little civilations, and pretending to do many things with them.

I also like making still frame movies with them, because I love to see the finish project.

So what do I do?

I combine them toghter.

Without further adoo,

Here is my lego rock band.

The Bricks!!!!!!!!!!

btw, I will follow ANYONE who follows me, cause I love reading posts.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Long time, no see

Have you ever said goodbye to a friend, and then meet them later on?

Well thats what happened to me.

I went to a basketball game(which we won, GO SPARTANS(team)!!!!) and I noticed an old friend sitting on the bleachers.

His name was Ben.

Not much had changed, since this was his first year away from us, but it was nice to see him.

It felt good when he remembered my name, because that means I did something or whatever that made him remember me.

It felt good.

Btw, I will be posting lots of posts every day, (I LUV BLOGGING!!) but they won't be very long and boring. they will be very short and to the point.

Thanks for all your nice comments.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Randomness 2

I got another good comment:

Jillian Christine:
RANDOMNESS IS LIFE!!!!!Recent random Adventures of mine include:Running up to my friend Paige when she got off the bus, high fiving then, running around screaming "IT"S SPRING TIME!!!!" to which sailboat boy (ask Anna, never mind, don't), this guy Chris, Kristine, Nick, and Becky stared at us like we were insane.

Randomness is life.I ran up behind my bff Mark, after he had made a joke about my logging skills; and said in a frightening voice "if I wasn't to busy laughing, Mark Christian Barlow, I would cut off your head" and he freaked, which was lol.

Then his friend Joe said "ooooo, your girlfriend is mad at you"and then I had to glare at him, and tell him he was next. LOL, Life.

Mark and I always fight. It's a jokeUm, then I taught Nica how to do drama... and we went screaming around the house, doing Shaksphere.

Then I decided I wanted to wear shorts today....
LOL, you must be snoring.



Inside Jokes 2


I got a pretty good comment about the inside jokes:

Jillian Christine :
I LOVE inside jokes!!!!LOL. I have SO many......Like when ever I say I want something REALLY bad, my guy friends will quote the Drake & Josh episode "Sushi- somthig or other" they say "And I want to meet a girl you doesn't change her phone number after the first date"

Or EmJ (whose name is Emma Jane, so we call her EmJ, sounds like MJ, after spiderman, another inside joke)And I have this thing called potential murder..... You get the point!Shut up Jayce! (oh, btw, Emj and Callie call me Jayce)



Monday, February 9, 2009


You know,

Sometimes life need a little shking up.

Be random today.

Start a conversation about clocks.

Walk like a duck.

Sing "We are the Champions" when you're in the bathroom

Shout horray when you lose a game.

Tell someone they have pretty eyelashes.

Tell me what you do.

Comment and I will choose the best one to post.


Inside Jokes

Do you have an inside joke?

Inside jokes are things you do with your friends. It is a joke with a story inside it.

For example,

I was in study hall, doing my math homework.

My ruler was out on my desk.

My friend Zach says to me, "Is your ruler bendy?"

I pick it up and bend it.

And, you guessed it, it snaps into four pieces.

We explode with laughter.

I didn't think it would break that easily.

If you have a good inside joke, leave a comment to me.

I will post any ones i think is good.




I am bored.

what do you do when you are bored?

tell me by leaving a comment



Sunday, February 8, 2009


Have you eveer seen the Fred series?

You should.

Its is about a 6-year old kid with an acholic mom and a dad in prison.

He has a temper problem and goes on several adventures that are hilarious!!!!

You should search it on YouTube.

What is cool is that he is just a normal kid who made a few videos on YouTube and became famous.

Thats awesome.

He is going to be on iCarly soon so check it out.