Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Randomness 2

I got another good comment:

Jillian Christine:
RANDOMNESS IS LIFE!!!!!Recent random Adventures of mine include:Running up to my friend Paige when she got off the bus, high fiving then, running around screaming "IT"S SPRING TIME!!!!" to which sailboat boy (ask Anna, never mind, don't), this guy Chris, Kristine, Nick, and Becky stared at us like we were insane.

Randomness is life.I ran up behind my bff Mark, after he had made a joke about my logging skills; and said in a frightening voice "if I wasn't to busy laughing, Mark Christian Barlow, I would cut off your head" and he freaked, which was lol.

Then his friend Joe said "ooooo, your girlfriend is mad at you"and then I had to glare at him, and tell him he was next. LOL, Life.

Mark and I always fight. It's a jokeUm, then I taught Nica how to do drama... and we went screaming around the house, doing Shaksphere.

Then I decided I wanted to wear shorts today....
LOL, you must be snoring.



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  1. Opps, I didn't know that was getting posted....
    LOL, you excited about your B-day already?
    Teenagers *shakes head sadly*


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