Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm back!!

Hello fellow bloggers!!!

I am back!

I apolgize for not posting new blogs or reading all of yours.
But latley I have been knida busy.

I am offically a Youtuber!

I currently have 9 videos on Youtube. One of them has over 200 views in 1 month.

Pretty good huh?

I am sending this out to all the blogging world.

If you have a youtue account, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!

I will accept all friend invites and replyto all letters sent.

Just don't leave dumb comments.

Leave a comment on mt profile saying you follow my blog and i will add you.





  1. youtube is pretty cool...btw i am a different Jillian...

  2. Its sorda funny...i was talking to ur cousin (the other Jillian) and stuff so thats how i heard about ur blog...we r both Jillian's and we both have a middle name that starts with a C. I have two is and the other ....btw i love the name Michael...sorry random....bye for now! :-P


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Comments are very important and appericated.